For those of you who prefer plant based protein and are not into dairy (any reason) ALMONDS might be on your daily menu. Let me point out that raw and unsalted almonds are the best. I don’t eat much dairy and the best option to have instead is ALMOND MILK. When you pour yourself 1 cup (250ml) of ALMOND MILK you get 184mg of Calcium and minimal amount of fat (0.96gm).

Almonds are easy to add to your meals, you can have them with your breakfast granola or sprinkle slivered almonds on your porridge or chia seed pudding. Spread delicious almond butter on slices of apple or corn thins or you can add them to your salad for additional protein kick…

Almonds are:

  • alkaline
  • high in mono unsaturated lipids
  • reduce cholesterol levels in the blood
  • high in Omega 6 – essential fatty acid
  • brilliant source of Vitamin E – major antioxidant
  • complete protein food – contain 8 essential amino acids
  • great source of Magnesium
  • great source of Phosphorus
  • good sorce of Manganese
  • best nut source of Calcium
  • high in dietary fibre
  • full of Copper
  • high in Iron
  • good source of Zinc
  • good source of Potassium
  • good source of Vitamin B2 and B3
  • excellent source of Biotin for fat metabolism

They are low allergenic food and easy option for kids, vegetarians and vegans…