Warming Up for Winter

Whether you’re comfortable in the cold or wished summer would never end, winter has undeniably returned for another year. As temperatures lower, so too can your immune system’s capacity to fight off the bugs that cause colds and flus. Riding public transport, working in an office and/or having kids at school provide ample opportunities for the whole family to be exposed to others who are sick. Airborne pathogens, as well as those present on shared items (e.g. bathroom taps and communal kitchens) can pose additional threats. Altogether, a winterweakened immune system combined with increased exposure to infection-causing bugs, results in the ideal scenario for a cold or flu to strike; leaving you coughing and sneezing, with a sore throat and feeling under the weather!

Are Antibiotics My Best Option?

Cold and flus are primary reasons for visits to the doctor, where antibiotics are commonly prescribed. While appropriate for treating bacterial infections, colds and flus are generally caused by viruses and there is little antibiotics can actually do to fight them. If you are or a family member are sick right now or if you get sick often, Natural Medicines can not only help fight these infections but also boost your body’s immune system to reduce your risk of getting sick.

Super Mushrooms Can Save You!

Did you know that when it comes to the immune system, medicinal mushrooms such as cordyceps, coriolus, shiitake and reishi have superhero-like properties? Individually, each species of mushroom has demonstrated remarkable effectiveness in enhancing the immune system, and can assist in resolving short-term, chronic and recurrent infections. What’s more, this combination of mushrooms provides symptomatic relief of upper respiratory tract infections, including reducing mucus

Immune Boosting Super Heroes

Build a strong, resilient immune system with the help of herbs and nutrients:
Zinc: Like Robin is to Batman, zinc can be mushrooms’ very useful sidekick. This key mineral assists your immune system in functioning optimally, and helps to reduce the severity and duration of a cold or flu.
Andrographis: This heroic herb can reduce the duration of cold symptoms thanks to its immune-stimulating actions.

Super Charge Your Immunity

Give your immune system a head start by incorporating these healthy habits into your diet and lifestyle:
Eat fresh fruits and veggies: Aim for at least two serves of fruit and three cups of vegetables daily. Fill your plate with a rainbow of colour to provide nutrients and antioxidants to help build strong immunity. Lightly cooked vegetables are a nourishing option in winter.
Eliminate inflammatory foods: Sugar, refined carbohydrates, dairy, and wheat can all be inflammatory and may suppress immune function.
Reduce stress: Stress steals energy and nutrients from your immune system, leaving you susceptible to getting sick. Enjoy the benefits of scheduling time out, meditation and time spent in nature.
Exercise regularly: Remaining active not only makes you feel good; it also reduces the frequency of contracting a cold by up to 46%.
Sleep soundly: Aim for seven to eight hours of sleep each night to restore energy and allow your immune system to regain its strength and resilience.

Embrace Wellness, Embrace Winter

If winter for you means multiple colds, days off work or catching yet another flu from a sick family member or colleague, embrace immune boosting Natural Medicines and let this be your season of change.