How do you feel about smoothie bowls? I love them! I would love to find the first person that came up with the idea and personally thank her/him…

We are going through a hot spell this week and even though we have a swimming pool and can cool down very quickly we find that smoothie bowls do the same job and fill us up with healthy goodness. My kids wanted to have chocolate banana one this morning but forgot about it but that’s fine. They are having it as mid morning snack. I always add protein powder, either vanilla or chocolate to fill their tummies up for longer and to add a bit of sweetness as we only use fruit and vegetables without adding sweetener of any kind.

I can put pretty much anything that’s in the fridge or garden or fruit bowl and I sometimes sneak in vegetables they wouldn’t normally eat. Like baby spinach, it blends to nothing and they never know it’s in. You always want to make sure that you get baby spinach as it doesn’t contain oxalates (they bind to calcium and therefore it doesn’t get absorbed). Oxalates are also present in other leafy greens, fruits, nuts and seeds. For some people that are sensitive to oxalates they may cause kidney stones.

The other great thing about smoothie bowls is that when my kids want ice cream or icy poles they just have one of those instead and are pretty happy with that. They ask for ice cream pretty much every day especially when it’s hot like this week.

So if you never tried making one have a go, the only rule is that you need frozen fruit (bananas, mango) as a base. And learn from my mistake; cut up your bananas before you freeze them….